An Experiment in Map-Based CAPTCHAs

Type in the group of letters where the backgrounds are from a satellite image. Sequences will be between three and ten letters long and are all lowercase. The first example is shown in pink letters. Contact details are below.

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 Hey, this is pretty interesting! I might want to use it on my blog/website/forum/other. Please let me know when you've got all the kinks worked out and there's a production version available. Here's my email address; I trust that someone who is developing an anti-spam tool won't be sending out spam:

Email Address:    

 This is kind of cool, but it's not quite as good as it could be. I'd like to make a suggestion as to how it could be better.

 This is dumb! I already figured out how to crack it, and yes, of course I realize that the production version will render the MAPTCHA as a single image, not as separate elements, and it will draw from a practically limitless database of color-matched images. Here's how I would program a bot to defeat it.